The Benefits of Retaining an Executive Search Firm

With the tight job market making it harder to find senior-level leaders, many organizations are turning to executive search firms to assist with sourcing and hiring top talent. Though these relationships can sometimes be short-term projects, choosing to engage a retained executive search firm can drive even better results for your company in both the short… Read More »

Gilman Partners Welcomes Garry Horton

Gilman Partners is pleased to announce that Garry Horton has joined the retained executive search firm as a Search Consultant. He will join the team in supporting senior recruiters on their searches. Horton earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Thomas More College. From there, he went on to complete his Master of Social Work at… Read More »

Five Tactics Managers Can Use to Improve the Feedback Process

All employees—from new hires to the seasoned veterans of your organization—crave feedback. It is essential for helping them understand how they are performing as well as for shaping both short and long-term career goals. For years, feedback primarily came via annual performance evaluations. But in the past few years we’ve seen the industry shift toward… Read More »

Talent Trends for 2017

By Tom Gilman for the Cincinnati Business Courier. With low unemployment rates making it hard to attract top talent and three ideologically different generations together in the workplace, 2016 was a year of change for many organizations. 2017 promises more of the same. Here are five key trends we expect to see play out: 1.… Read More »

The One Question I Always Get : Why is the Position Open?

As a recruiter at a retained executive search firm, candidates often ask me, “Why is the position open?” A good recruiter is going answer this question fairly and honestly. If the former occupant was fired, they will tell you. If it’s a tough place to work, you have every right to know. If it simply wasn’t a… Read More »

Making Time for Exit Interviews

I know what you may be thinking: “Conduct exit interviews? The employee is already leaving. Is it really necessary at this point?” Instead of looking at exit interviews as just one more task on your plate, consider the bigger picture and the benefits of obtaining information from an employee who likely has a lot to… Read More »